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A web server is computer software and underlying hardware that accepts requests via HTTP or its secure variant HTTPS. Your web server plays a crucial role in displaying your website to site visitors. Without the web server housing all of your site's data, site visitors would not be able to access your content at all. It is important that your web server performs well so it can deliver site content to visitors as quickly as possible.

This year, we’re on track to reach 8.6 million data centers and server farms around the world. Most are small, but on average, newer server farms are becoming significantly larger and more powerful. However, this interesting fact about servers leads to one of our favorite, but little-known, facts about servers: 8.6 million is a peak and we’re about to start seeing the number of server farms decrease.

Around 80% of all of the equipment in a server and a data storage farm can be recycled. When companies focus on going green, the reclamation of their assets often is missed, but it’s something worth considering. Recycling or selling your used server gear is one of the simplest ways for you to improve your “green” credibility, and the practice may allow you to get a jump on your competitors.