About Us - DLUpload

About Us

Welcome to DLUpload. We are an online service provider for uploading your files in our server.We provide file hosting, file synchronization and cloud storage service to our dear users. We provide storage facility along with a special feature Pay Per Download (PPD). Which means in DLUpload you will not only be able to save your files but also you can earn some money from your files.

Meet Our Founders

The Founder/CEO of DLUpload is Arjun Ghimire and the cofounder is Kishor Dhakal. DLUpload is providing you a wonderful opportunity to earn money each time your file gets downloaded. We are based on Kathmandu, Nepal. We are the first legit and trusted PPD Network from Nepal. We are planning to offer our services all over the world. We have partners  from Nepal, India and other countries.

Our Motive

Our main aim is to facilitate the users with online storage system. Furthermore, we are also giving opportunity to our users to earn money with their files. The concept behind this is “If your file or content is useful for people over the internet and if peoples download your file then you will be paid by the DLUpload for every download your file receives.”

What do we offer?

DLUpload offers you with amazing features. We provide a solid and reliable storage system which runs smoothly at a fast speed. Uploading service up to 2GB for each file. We provide FREE 100 GB Storage per users. We have a strong server with huge storage and network speed. Downloading files is very fast and easy. Earn money from your files! (videos, songs, software, photos, drawings, articles and others). We limit 100 GB file storage capacity per user. Furthermore, we try to provide the easiest possible way to withdraw your money from your local services. Most interesting part about the payment system is you will be able to withdraw the money you have earned as low as $5. Which means the minimum required balance to be eligible to withdraw your balance is just $5.

Payment Methods

Minimum withdraw amount is set at 5$. After you reach first 5$ you can easily withdraw your balance directly to your paypal wallet, bitcoin wallet , esewa wallet and paytm wallet. For withdraw on payoneer the minimum threshold is 50$. Our payment schedule is twice a month you will receive your withdraw on every week on every saturday or sunday. Your withdraw will always be held on our fixed payment schedule date not before or after the end date.

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